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Instantly produce the application you need.

Dont-code is a low-code / no-code platform letting user create their own applications based on complete feature sets developed by IT.

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Dont-code platform is developed to offer the following benefits:

For everyone

No IT or Design skill needed: The person developing the application is the one using it.

Realtime feedback

Check the resulting application while you design it!

Highly Extensible

Extendable by any developer thanks to its plugin architecture and Open source license. See dev page...

See an application being created in one minute right in front of you.

Want to see it by yourself?

Open the Builder, and load some sample applications.
See them live in the Previewer.

Current Extensions

Dont-code features

Dont-code (will) provide tools for end users, IT teams and technical platform developers to work together.


Create your application using this tool: Have your application in seconds just by answering questions.

No Design

Only few of us have designer's skills, with Dont-code you don't need to drag'n drop elements in a page.


Extensions will be available through a global marketplace, each enterprise can have a specific one with plugins pre-configured by IT Teams.


See your application getting live while you work in the Builder. You can even edit data on the fly.


There's no limit in what extensions provided by any developer can modify the platform. A Seed project can get you started in not time!

Open source

The core Dont-code platform is under MIT license, the applications are licensed with AGPL3.

The situation

The 3 main actors needed to provide a great application struggle to communicate each others.

Users and IT

Enterprise users speak in business concepts which are difficult to translate to IT language.

IT Constraints

IT teams in enterprises are lacking skill, time and budget to develop a solution with great quality.

Platform Complexity

Opensource or Market solutions are great but comes with complexity to support general cases.

The solution

The Dont-code platform clearly separates no-code application design from technical aspects.

Users design application

Enterprise users creates their own applications by answering questions, and immediately see the result.

IT adapt features

IT teams configure and deploy plugins working out of the box into their environments with the low-code tools provided by Dont-code platform.

Complexity is managed

Opensource or Market solutions are encapsulated into Dont-code plugins that will be adapted by the Enterprise IT teams.

  • When finished, it will blow your mind.
    G. Collin
    Enterprise Architect, Insurance
  • To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
    Anatole France
    Nobel Prize winner
  • Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.
    Steve Jobs
    Former CEO, Apple

Latest news

Blog about Dont-code internal updates and other news about Dont-code.
Major updates

Major updates

The Price Checker application, fueled by the Commerce Plugin, now supports many products across many shops.

You can find it here!
New plugins

2 new plugins

You can now display product prices and generate nice reports thanks to this update in the Dont-code platform.

Try it!
Two level IT

Two level IT enabled

After months of hard work (and some rework too), we finally enabled the two level IT promise.

Read more
Demo applications

Easier plugin development

We enhanced the core modules of Dont-code to made it much easier to develop new plugins.

Read more
Field type selection

Field type selection menu reworked

Now that more and more field types are added to the platform, a rework of the Field Type selection menu was needed.

Read more

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